Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen

Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen


At Valmiermuiža, we not only brew live beer, but also offer visitors the chance to enjoy it in combination with a fine meal for which it is a perfect match. In the Beer Kitchen alongside the brewery, the passionate chefs are continually conjuring up new flavours rooted in Latvia’s land and seasons, which complement the beers brewed here wonderfully.

Both adults and kids are welcome to enjoy the flavours of the season here, enjoying a meal over several courses or savouring snacks accompanying beer. We are happy to set a table and to serve up a treat for celebrations and both large and small groups of guests.

Rooted in nature and nurtured through creativity is how we perceive the local and seasonal flavours of the Latvian land.

Valmiermuiža Beer Kitchen opening hours

Friday - Saturday | 12.00 - 23.00*
Sunday | 12.00 - 20.00
* The meal will be served until 22.00, but feel free to enjoy beer even after this hour



+371 28664424

Every land tastes differently, because each has its own son and unique soil.

The Latvian land is rich enough for it to sprout a unique cuisine comprised of flavours of the earth.

Sooner or later, each and every fruit of the fields ripens. And once ripe, it tastes even more delicious.

Before reaching for your pots and pans, visit your neighbouring cultivator and ask him – what are you growing in your soil?

Walking through the forest, it’s bad form to leave tracks behind you. As a landlord, you have to use all the ingredients at your disposal.

A boring kitchen is a bad kitchen. Through a process of cajoling and studying, discovering and imagining, as well as making discoveries in old articles and dreaming dreams, creatively we create recipes that were previously unheard off.

Purely grown produce must be purely prepared. And that which has been prepared purely, must be served purely and naturally, because both the clay that your dish was made from and carved wood come from our land.

Wherever Latvians organise ceremonies of honour, you’ll find beer in a place of honour. Wherever there is a beer kitchen, you’ll find a pair of fine beers to complement each dish, allowing assorted flavours the chance to riff off one another.