Valmiermuiža Beer Boutique

Valmiermuiža Beer Boutique


Alongside the brewery is a shop, where a wide variety of flavours brewed at Valmiermuiža are on sale including live, natural beer and non-alcoholic refreshments to suit every taste. This is also the perfect place to sample the distilled lager nurtured by our landlord and an extensive range of wines made by Latvian winemakers. Also on sale here are baskets and boxes containing various varieties of beer, as well as products made by culinary masters and craftsmen based both locally and further afield, which include tableware, decorative items for the home, board games and much else besides. This is a wonderful chance to acquire some Latvian gifts for your loved ones at home.

Beer Boutique opening hours

Monday–Thursday | 10.00–21.00
Thursday–Wednesday | 10.00–22.00
Sunday | 10.00–20.00

At the shop, you will find an assortment of delicious items for sale including our homemade bread and beer sauces, as well as various sweet and salty broths made here from local products. True gourmands will invariably discover new nuances of flavour, enjoying snacks made from Valmiermuiža beer together with a glass of beer.