Kokmuiža Kvass

Valmiermuiža’s master brewers have brewed a kvass whose flavour will delight those who prefer a more bitter taste (IBU 47), as well as drivers. This kvass is notable for its surprising flavour nuances, which come from Citra hops from the distant United States of America, which they are highly renowned. No artificial flavours, citric acid, ascorbic acid, sugar or sweeteners are added to the kvass during the brewing process. All it contains are natural malt grain sugars.

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0,33l glass bottle


EBC / colour 27
IBU / bitterness 47
HOPS American-grown Citra hops
MALT Pilsner and Munich



Continuing our search for new and unusual flavours and listening to the wishes of knowledgeable beverage connoisseurs, Valmiermuiža’s’ master brewers have brewed a kvass with distinctively bitter Citra hops. This kvass differs from a malt drink in that yeast is added to it during brewing. This makes the beverage more distinctive in terms of its flavour and aroma.



Kvass is brewed from four ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops. The flavour is based on Munich and Pilsner malts, while the bitterness of hops is offset by the honeyed sweetness of caramel malt. In the process of boiling, Citra hops are added to our kvass three times to give it its distinctively bitter flavour and fresh citrus fruit aroma. The initial phase of the preparation of kvass is identical to that of beer – malt grains and hops are boiled to create a mash, which is left to cool, before yeast is added to it and left for 24 hours. When these 24 hours have passed, carbon dioxide is added to the kvass to improve the flavour, before it is poured into 0,33 l bottles and is ready to be enjoyed.