Kokmuiža Kirasao Witbier


Coriander and bitter orange give this hazy Belgian style wheat ale exotic rainforest notes.

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0,33l glass bottle


Beer style Witbier
ALC. VOL. 4,9 %
Colour / EBC 6 / white
Thickness / °P 11,8
Bitterness / IBU 28
Malt Pilsner and wheat
Hops ‘Hallertauer Mittelfrüh’ (Germany)
Special Oats, Curaçao orange peel and coriander
Compatibility Enjoy it with light salads, seafood dishes and fresh goat cheeses


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At the start of the 20th century, the wonderful flavour of the beer produced at Kokmuiža Brewery was recognised with a gold medal at Riga’s 700th anniversary fair, followed by further acclaim a couple of years later in Paris. Valmiermuiža’s landlord hopes to continue this glorious tradition by brewing beers he’s sampled in lands near and far and giving them a twist unique to Kokmuiža.
Thus, the Belgian style “Curaçao” (in Latvian – Kirasao) witbier came to be. It is characterised by its ingredients of coriander and bitter orange peel grown on the island of Curaçao.
In English the word witbier means “white beer” — unfiltered yeast particles make the chilled beer smoky.



Kokmuiža Kirasao is brewed according to the tradition of Belgian witbier. It is light, refreshing and aromatic. Along with Pilsner and wheat malt, oats are added to the mash, giving the beer a rich and silky mouthfeel. The fragrance and flavour bouquet are enhanced by Curaçao orange peel along with coriander which is added at the end of the boiling process.
There is a fascinating story about the oranges brought to the island of Curaçao by Spaniards from Seville. The trees enjoyed neither the island’s dry climate nor its soil. Therefore, they were finally abandoned, evolving into a wild plant with bitter fruit. However, it later transpired that its orange peel had become so aromatic that it became a vital ingredient in both the famous Curaçao liqueur and Belgian style witbier.

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