Distilled lager matured on French oak chips

ABV40,0 %.

For time eternal, all over the world, masters of fine beverages have studied the ways in which wood influences flavour and aroma (particularly those of whisky, brandy and calvados).
Valmiermuiža distilled larger spends six months in a barrel resting on French oak chips, as a result of which, the sweetness of malt is accentuated by vanilla, peach and black pepper notes. Just like a fine wine, it ages well. Therefore, we recommend saving it for special festive meals or taking it with you to distant lands as a gift from home.


0,350 l glass bottle


BURNED FROM Valmiermuiža Amber Lager
AROMA The sweetness of barley malt grains with vanilla notes
FLAVOUR The spiciness of black pepper and mildness of peaches


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Grain burning and grape wine making have long been practiced at the manors of both Vidzeme and Valmiermuiža. While visiting cider makers in France, Valmiermuiža’s landlord thought to himself, “If the French can make world famous Calvados from Normandy cider, then we can make an equally fine burned beer in Valmiermuiža from Valmiermuiža beer.” Degalus is an abbreviation of the words dedzināts alus (burned beer) and is a new word coined by the landlord of Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery. To give burned beer even richer nuances of flavour and aroma, it is matured for six months on French oak chips.



In the kiln, the beer is heated to a temperature of over 750C. Burning is a slow process – in three hours, just seven litres of highest quality burned ale with a strength of ~80% can be obtained from 150 litres of beer. After burning, Valmiermuiža artesian well water is added to it to give the burned beer a strength of 65%, at which time it is poured into barrels, and then oak chips are added to it (3 g of chips are added per 1 l of distilled lager). The chips intended for maturing beverages are made from specially chosen oaks matured, prepared and dried for at least 18 months. The tree trunk is divided into fine chips, and then a consistent and distinctive roasted flavour is achieved, using an increasingly hot flow of air. As a result of the unique roasting process, the specially chosen oak wood acquires a distinct balanced fruitiness. The distilled lager is thus matured in these barrels for six months. When these six months have passed, and the flavour has been deemed to be satisfactory, it is mixed with Valmiermuiža’s artesian well water, in order to obtain a strength of 40 %, at which time it is poured into a bottle.



You’ll appreciate it best it after a hearty meal as a final dot over the letter i or as a digestif. Serve in Valmiermuiža’s small stemmed tulip shaped glass at 14° C. Just like a fine wine, distilled lager ages well. Therefore, we recommend saving it for special festive meals or taking it with you to distant lands as a gift from home.

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