Valmiermuiža Distilled Baltic Amber Lager


Degalus (distilled lager) is an abbreviation of the words “burned beer”, and this name was coined by Valmiermuiža’s landlord. From this, it is elementary to conclude that distilled amber lager is obtained by burning our amber lager. In its fragrance, one can sense the sweetness of barley malt, while its flavour conveys mellow bread notes with a slightly bitter hoppy aftertaste.

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BURNED FROM Valmiermuiža Amber Lager
AROMA The sweetness of barley malt grains
FLAVOUR Sweet and mellow, with a slightly bitter hoppy aftertaste



Valmiermuiža’s landlord once thought to himself, “If the French can make world famous Calvados from Normandy cider, then we can make an equally fine burned beer in Valmiermuiža from Valmiermuiža beer.” To fulfil this vision, a globally-renowned German small kiln and distillation equipment specialist, Arnold Holstein forged special kiln, which is positioned alongside the beer boiling tanks at the brewery.





Brewing distilled lager requires a lot of time and patience. In the kiln, the beer is heated to a temperature of over 75 °C. It is a slow process – in three hours, from 150 litres of beer, we obtain just seven litres of distilled larger with a strength of ABV 80%. Later on, we mix this with water from Valmiermuiža’s artesian well so that the strength “drops” to 42 %. Before it is poured into a bottle, distilled lager is frozen to a temperature of —4 °C, thus making it even purer.



You’ll appreciate it best it after a hearty meal as a final dot over the letter i or as a digestif. Serve in Valmiermuiža’s small stemmed tulip shaped glass at 14° C. Just like a fine wine, distilled lager ages well. Therefore, we recommend saving it for special festive meals or taking it with you to distant lands as a gift from home.

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