Valmiermuiža Wheat Ale


The most idiosyncratic of Valmiermuiža’s beers. The bitterness in this beer is barely noticeable, because we add a lot less hops to it than to our other beers. As a result of the fact that more wheat malt (38%) is used than usual; it is much more full-bodied and richer than German and Belgian-style wheat beers.


0,5l glass bottle


Type Ale
ALC.VOL. 5,5 %
Colour / EBC 14
Plato / °P 13,7°
Bitterness / IBU 10
Serving temperature from +5 to +6 °C
Hops Tettnang
Malt Pilsner, Munich and wheat malt


Valmiermuiža Flavour Map



When the brewing of beer with bottom-fermenting or lager yeast had been mastered at Valmiermuiža, the landlord decided that the first beer made using the top fermenting or all yeast would be wheat ale. Not that long ago, wheat was highly prized – snow white flour was used to bake bread for the tables of lords and masters, while only very high ranking men of authority and influence dared to brew beer using wheat.



The beer is brewed with brewer’s yeast, which gives the flavour the crisp bitterness of apples, which is offset by the silky sweetness of malt and the beer’s bitterness. It is the only one of our brews to be poured into the bottle unfiltered; therefore natural yeast sediment may form in the live, unpasteurised beer.



To fully appreciate its brewers’ mastery and the full flavour of the brew, wheat beer is served in Valmiermuiža’s special wheat beer glass, chilled at a temperature ranging from +5 to +6 °C. It is very important to pour the beer into the glass correctly – it should be held at an angle of 45 degrees, while pouring ¾ of the bottle’s contents. The remaining ¼ of the beer should be lightly shaken and poured into the glass with all the yeast to create a lovely foam head. This beer is highly compatible with culinary delights that are not too heavy on the stomach such as fresh vegetables, berry and leaf salads, fish or desserts.

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