Valmiermuiža Amber Lager


The road taken by Valmiermuiža’s brews to beer lovers started with its amber lager. A sumptuous and popular flavour where, offset by the sweetness of caramel, the bitterness of hops quenches one’s thirst and refreshes. In every sip, you can also taste the flowery minted notes of buckwheat honey.


0,33l glass bottle
0,5l glass bottle
30/10l keg, unfiltered
30/10l keg, filtered
30/20/10l oak barrel, unfiltered


Type Lager
ALC.VOL. 5,2 %
Colour / EBC 18
Plato / °P 13,4°
Bitterness / IBU 25
Serving temperature from +5 to +6 °C
Hops Hallertauer Nugget, Hallertauer Mittelfrüh
Malt Pilsner, Munich and light caramel


Valmiermuiža Flavour Map



The story of  our amber lager creation is truly unique. Although construction of the brewery was completed in 2008, it took another year of painstaking work before the brewers finally came up with an impressive lager with a rich flavour, whose refreshing bitterness, offset by the sweetness of caramel, quenches one’s thirst.




All beers in Valmiermuiža are brewed in accordance with the German Beer Purity Law – we use only four natural ingredients: water, yeast, malt and hops. We leaven beer naturally and unhurriedly at a strength of up to ABV 5.2% and then lay it down for a whole month. Our amber lager  is a live and unpasteurised beer.



To fully appreciate the amber colour of the beer, the firm foam cap, special bouquet of aroma and flavour, it should be consumed from a classic Valmiermuiža (tulip shaped) beer glass, chilled at a temperature ranging from +5 to +6 °C. Gourmands are recommended to enjoy this beer together with filling meat and fish dishes and various types of cheeses rich in flavour.

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