Kokmuiža Celmlauzis Non-alcoholic India Pale Ale (IPA)

Four hops – dry hopped. Rich malt flavour with bitter forest notes – only with no alcohol. The unfiltred beer poured into the glass is dark golden, giving rise to an ivory coloured head.

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0,33l glass bottle


Beer style Non-alcoholic IPA
ALC. VOL. Non-alcoholic
Colour / EBC 37 / hazy gold
Thickness / °P 11
Bitterness / IBU 68
Hops Boiling: ‘Mosaic’ (USA), dry hopping: ‘Ariana’ (USA), ‘Callista’ (USA), ‘Mosaic’ (USA), ‘Mandarina Bavaria’ (Germany)
Malt Light caramel, red, melanoidin and pale ale
Special Unfiltered non-alcoholic IPA
Compatibility Will taste just as good with a filling meal as on its own – especially after doing some hard work


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The sweet thickness of malt and the deep bouquet of hops are also captivating at times when you can’t enjoy or simply don’t fancy consuming alcohol. However, even those who’ve said “no” to the high of alcohol would be happy to enjoy a sip of malty energy with the vibrant traits of the flavour of the brew. This non-alcoholic beer created at Kokmuiža will not only give you a lift alongside a meal in the middle of a busy day, but also during a break in your workout. It tastes just as good as its alcoholic counterparts and prooves that not all beers of this ilk are bland and boring.



Non-alcoholic “Celmlauzis’s” list of ingredients include four German malts and four hops (one “American” during boiling and three Americans and one German during cold hopping) seemingly suggest that it’s a proper IPA. What sets it apart from its alcoholic cousins it is a special yeast, which transforms only ordinary not malt sugar. Thus, alcohol by volume stays close to zero, while the bouquet of aroma and flavour becomes even richer. While the smooth aroma of this hazy golden ale hints at notes of flowers and melon, sipping it reveals the sweetness of malt offset by the bitterness of grapefruit. The aftertaste is a balanced interplay of malt and hops.

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