Kokmuiža Biezoknis India Pale Ale (IPA)


Currently, American hops are in vogue with craft breweries, because of their expressive bouquet. This is also the inspiration for Kokmuiža’s new Biezoknis, a Latvian word that means thicket and reflects the fact that this India Pale Ale or IPA is enriched not only by five citrusy American hops, but also by its base of sweet malt with a rich Latvian flavour.

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0,33l glass bottle
1/2/3l PET bottle
30/10l keg


Beer style India Pale Ale / IPA
ALC. VOL. 6,6 %
Colour / EBC 33 / rich amber tone
Thickness / °P 16
Bitterness / IBU 56
Hops ‘Christal’, ‘Chinook’, ‘Citra’, ‘Simcoe’ (USA)
Malt Pale Ale, Munich, Carahell, Carared
Special Dry hopped
Compatibility Fried and spicier dishes



Our landlord was inspired to brew this ale by the ancient success story of Kokmuiža Brewery (located about 20 kilometres from Valmiermuiža). The first news of beer at Koku Manor near Valmiera date back to 1688, when it was reported that beer was being brewed at a brewery built from logs felled in the forest nearby. At the turn of the century, Kokmuiža was home to the biggest brewery in the Russian Empire’s rural districts. The outstanding flavour of the beer brewed at Kokmuiža was first recognised with gold medals at Riga’s 700th anniversary fair, with more success following a couple of years later in Paris. Valmiermuiža’s landlord has set his heart on restoring this famed beer to its former glory.



The brewing process incorporates the classic ingredients of brewing beer: water, malt, hops and ale yeast. Moreover, a generous fistful of four hops are added during dry hopping, thus accentuating the citrus fruit aroma of the hops. In its ongoing quest for wild flavours, in the form of Biezoknis, Kokmuiža presents a complex India Pale Ale, whose blend of four malts is crowned by four varieties of hops. Moreover, our brewers not only add the hops at the moment of boiling, but also when dry hopping, by adding hops to the fermentation barrels to give the ale a richer aroma.



The taste of ale is best enjoyed in a special Kokmuiža Ale brewery glass. The flavour is distinguished by the bitterness of hops, gradually accompanied by the sweet robustness of malt, as well as the notes of exotic fruit and freshly picked meadow flowers. Just like primeval forest thickets, the multi-layered nature of these tropical flavours conceals a wealth of surprises. We recommend enjoying ale together with fried and spicier dishes.

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