Valmiermuiža Floor Malted Pilsner


In brewing Floor Malted Pilsner at Valmiermuiža, we have adhered to the German Beer Purity Law, by using only water, barley malt, hops and yeast. However, it is also true that our secret recipe has been infused with a generous handful of our brewers integrity. In the aroma, one detects notes of meadows and freshly baked fine countryside rye bread. Beneath the distinctive dry bitterness of wormwood, one can sense the rich and generous robustness of


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TYPE Pilsner
ALC.VOL. 5,0 %
Colour / EBC 10,4
Plato / °P 12,2°
Bitterness / IBU 32
HOPS 'Northern Brewer', 'Polaris', 'Tettnanger Tettnang'
MALT Pilsner floor malt, dark floor malt, light caramel malt


Valmiermuiža Flavour Map



Valmiermuiža’s landlord admits that we don’t know and are not going to know how beer tasted which was brewed in Latvia’s manors 500 or even 200 years ago. However, it is possible to get a sense of age-old flavours if one uses ingredients prepared using the methods of our forefathers. Malt boiled in floor beer is germinated on special stone floors and mixed twice a day with wooden scoops and huge iron rakes weighing up to 30 kilograms. Floor-malt is also dried one and a half times longer than or even twice as long as ordinary malt. Thus, inspired by venerable malting methods, Valmiermuiža’s landlord and his team created Floor-Malted Pilsner.



In brewing Floor-Malted Pilsner at Valmiermuiža, we have adhered to the German Beer Purity Law, by using only water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Pilsner floor malt gives the aroma its touch of meadowy sweetness, while dark floor malt gives the beer the scrumptiousness of bread. In turn, the rich bouquet of Floor-Malted Pilsner is augmented by light caramel malt. When we start to boil our beer, we add Northern Brewer hops to give the aroma bitterness and earthy tones. Polaris hops added towards the end of the boiling process give the beer a fresh grassy nuance, while just as we come to the end of boiling, we toss in a few handfuls of noble Tettnanger Tettnang hops to give the Floor-Malter Pilsner some peppery and fruity notes.



To fully appreciate the gold colour of the beer, the firm foam cap, special bouquet of aroma and flavour, it should be consumed from a classic Valmiermuiža (tulip shaped) beer glass, chilled at a temperature ranging from +5 to +6 °C. Gourmands are recommended to enjoy this beer as an apertif, with fresh cow’s milk cheeses or seafood.



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