Valmiermuiža Dark Smoked Lager


As one would expect, the first thing you sense about the fragrance is smoke shadowed by the sweetness of caramel. The
balanced flavour is a subtle interplay of smoked ribs, honey and bitterness of hops. Some joker noted that he’d never enjoyed a liquid sausage before, albeit minus the fat and cumin.


0,33l glass bottle
0,5l glass bottle
30/10l keg, unfiltered
30/10l keg, filtered


Type Smoked dark lager
ALC.VOL. 5,5 %
Colour / EBC 38
Plato / °P 14°
Bitterness / IBU 27
Serving temperature from +6 to +7 °C
Hops Hallertauer Mittelfruh, Hallertauer Nugge
Malt Light Pilsner, dark caramel, smoked malt (dried over an open birch wood flame)


Valmiermuiža Flavour Map



The landlord of Valmiermuiža Brewery was inspired to create a special beer from this smoke-dried barley by his native city of Valmiera, which was founded long ago during the Hanseatic Era, when the league’s trading routes stretched from Novgorod to London. The first smoked beer was brewed in honour of Valmiera’s 730th anniversary celebrations.



When it comes to brewing Valmiermuiža Dark Smoked Lager, we use malts have stood the test of time: light Pilsner, dark caramel and, of course, special smoked malt, dried over an open flame in birch wood smoke. To attain the beer’s inimitable flavour, we add just one fifth of the total amount of smoked malt — so we can only imagine how potent smoked beer was during the Hanseatic Era.



We recommend serving this beer in Valmiermuiža’s classic (tulip shaped) glass and enjoying it chilled at the temperature ranging from +6 to +7 °C. The beer’s flavour will be accentuated by grilled meat or fish, mushroom sauces, stews and potent cheeses. It should definitely be sampled after a meal as a dessert.

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