Āgenskalns Market

Āgenskalns Market

When choosing its home and shops, Valmiermuiža’s small craft brewery has always selected noteworthy locations. This applies to Valmiermuiža itself, through which the light of Latvian education and self-awareness once entered Vidzeme, as well as its first embassy in Riga in the former premises of the legendary von Stritzcky brewery.

For the pleasure of beer lovers in Pārdaugava, we have opened a second Valmiermuiža Embassy in Riga, which welcomes guests in the refurbished pavilion at Āgenskalns Market. This fine and practical red brick building was designed in rational Art Nouveau style by Riga’s prolific chief architect and member of Latvia’s cultural canon Reinhold Georg Schmaeling, and completed in 1914.

At the shop, you can buy – and enjoy in the second floor dining hall – Valmiermuiža brews to satisfy the tastes of every beer lover – light and dark, hopped and malty sweet, filtered and unfiltered. Beer connoisseurs will be delighted by our latest flavours which you won’t find anywhere else! You will also find delicacies and gifts for the festive table here. We are supporting our fellow craftsmen in the same vein. Our shop offers about 100 different draft and bottled beers from over 20 craft breweries throughout Latvia. We look forward to welcoming you very soon!

Āgenskalns market

Monday | 10.00-17.00
Tuesday–Wednesday | 10.00-19.00
Thursday–Saturday | 10.00-22.00
Sunday | 10.00-17.00

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