All for fine beer enjoyment

All for fine beer enjoyment

Choosing a fine glass plays a major role in the enjoyment of beer, because in order to savour beer one must first enjoy the games of colour and bubbles, before appreciating the head, and, last but not least, discovering its flavours and aromatic bouquet.

Valmiermuiža beer glass

The tulip shaped glass brings the bouquet of beer fragrances closer to the nose, allowing to appreciate its finer nuances. 0.5 l / 0.3 l / 0.2 l glasses are on sale.

Wheat Ale glass

Wheat beer foams much more liberally than its barley counterpart, therefore this glass is narrower and higher. It is wider at the top to provide room for the impressive frothy head and to allow you to fully appreciate its fragrance. 0.5 l / 0.3 l glasses are on sale.

Kokmuiža beer glass

Fragrance is the main reason why we recommend enjoying beer from a fine glass.This will help you to discover the complete bouquet of flavour. 0.3 l glasses are on sale.

Distilled lager glass

In order to appreciate the special flavour and fragrance of distilled lager, just like fruity cognac, it must sipped from small tulip shaped glass. 40 ml glasses are on sale.

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